Monday, 19 August 2013

Transforming Your Website through Website Cloning

For any business, organization or individual having a website is vital to establish their online presence. Nowadays a majority of business houses focus to sell their products and services to online customers. Therefore they need a website that has the capability to reach out to a huge number of internet users who are their potential customers. Most businesses already have a strong online presence. But there are also websites that are not up to the standards and since there is intense competition these sites end up performing badly. In order to do well, a website must have good features like unique content, good layout and architecture and must be user-friendly.
To create a world-class website you need to make substantial investment and since many people are unwilling or unable in this regard they approach low cost web designing and development companies. The result is low quality and pathetic websites. Quality suffers when cost decreases. There is no point in creating a website if you can’t make it competitive. But there is no need to despair because with website cloning services you can have a good looking website with great features.
How Does It Work
Website duplication doesn’t mean that you actually copy another website that is doing very well. In fact that is illegal too. Website cloning means studying a website in detail and creating another that is similar to it. You can also add your unique features and designs to it if you want. Companies that do duplication of websites, have building blocks through which recreate another website quickly and cost-effectively. They also use software to create common clone sites.
You just have to tell them about the target website that you want to copy and the changes that you would like in your website. For example your target website may focus on social networking while your interest area is environment. Once you have made your decision, you can hand over the project to your chosen company for designing and development. They will give you their proposal with details like cost, time of delivery, specific features and designs etc.
Website Clone Scripts
There are various kinds of website clone scripts through which you create your website modeled on a well known website that is immensely popular. Some of the most sought after clones scripts are Woot, Fiverr, Yoink, Etsy and Groupon. If you are into advertisement particularly services and skills then you can create your site through Fiverr. For daily deals, Woot is quite popular. In case you want merchants to come to your site to list and sell their products and services then you can go for Etsy. There are some people who want to create a website where people can give away things they don’t need anymore and in return they can get free items. If you have such an idea then the Yoink clone is just right for you. And Groupon is for those who offer daily group deals to their list of email subscribers. Daily group deals are actually a single deal which is incredible in the sense that it offers great deals on anything like discount coupons on entertainment, food, products, services and hotels etc. This group deal software is simple, well designed and fully functional and has been hit since it was launched.
Summing Up
With the help of a good web development company you can develop a website that has great visuals and sharp website clones, web/mobile functions and PHP clone scripts. After all to become a winner, your website must have the look and means. Just ensure to hand your project to a company that knows its job well.

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