Thursday, 13 December 2012

Keep your website copy simple and straightforward

Copying is the act of selling in print. Therefore, its job is no different. Today with a rise in the trend of a ‘Copy a website’ many businesses are looking for it rather than going for creating a complete new design. Nevertheless the reason can be cost reduction, time consuming or also individuals may think that a fully running website can assure of acceptance from the customers online. But this is not easy as it sounds to be. As websites involve no human interaction that you normally get in a physical sales encounter, your copy job therefore brings up an even greater responsibility.

Though Copy a website is a convenient option especially now with Copy website software available in the markets, at times it may fail to bring the expected results. An effective website starts with a clear objective that will lead to a specific action or outcome. If your website is not meant to, tell, sell a product, gain customers or obtain an inquiry for more information, then what exactly it is meant for? Work around the answer and you will come up with a focused answer that will help you to set up your website objectives.

There are many facets where the website copy fails. For an instance, an obscure copy that fails to invoke emotions, tell compelling stories and excite the prospects about the product & service is indeed one of the most common reasons why your website copy fails. Basically, a website copy must also communicate with that same enthusiasm as the pioneer one does, and this will help to energize your prospects, delight them about your offering and persuade them to buy it from you.

Apart from instilling an emotion into your website copy, giving your prospects something they can understand, believe in and act upon will add up additional spunk to it. For an instance, a car dealer website must showcase the features of some selected models and differentiate them with the others to convince the customer to buy it. Eventually, many websites also fail to answer a customer’s most important question ‘What’s in it for me?’ The website developers get so occupied in showcasing companies, products, features or advantages over their peers that they fail to appeal to the visitor specifically. The number one reason for this issue of why a website doesn’t convert is that the website copy is targeting the wrong audience or fails to connect with them directly. The main goal for your website must be serving the prospects.

Appealing the prospect is not an easy task though, especially when you go for Copy a website option. Every website’s goal is to turn curious browsers into serious buyers and for this they must clearly answer all the customer’s queries like ‘why only this?’, ‘When can it?’, ‘How can I get it?’ and etc. When you use Copy website software you must clearly differentiate your copy with the pioneer by making applicable changes as per your offerings and areas. To club it all, a website copy must be simple and straightforward and serve the prospect precisely.

However, the most common mistake that the marketers and copywriters commit is that they do not ensure that your website copy connects to the genuine audience. A professional selling website must not only serve the customers but also must speak their language, talks about their needs, and tells stories they can easily appreciate and relate with themselves. If a website succeeds in convincing the prospect that his products are exactly what they are looking for then certainly their Copy a website campaign can be a success. Learn more at

Monday, 26 November 2012

Website Copying Software to Make life Easy

Rabbit Clone is an established organization comprising of expert web programmers and web designers who are experts in Website Cloning or Website Duplication.

The fundamental behind Website Duplication is very simple and straight forward as the name suggests. Our customers are able to choose from an already existing website on the internet and we will provide you with a website which has the same look and feel of your chosen website along with a few specialized tweaks to suit your area of business.  We at Rabbit Clone can boast of having almost all the scripts of popular websites on the internet. Some of them are of the likes of Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Craigslist etc. a comprehensive list which you will find on our website.

Website duplication has various advantages over opting for an entirely new website. Some of them can be listed as hereunder:

1.       Save Time and Costs: Website cloning will help you to save time and cost of website design by the designer. Website cloning serves as an ideal mode to jumpstart your business and provides you with that winning edge over your competition and increases your market share. You will not need to create fresh and new content for your business which is usually a time consuming, painstaking and costly affair. The content has to be approved at every step usually when you opt for a fresh website right from design to written matter that makes up your website. In the case of cloning, we duplicate everything from a competitors website you choose with a couple of additions or subtractions to suit your area of business. It won’t take you long to host your website with an edge over other competition and you will end up saving a lot of time and money.

2.       Ease of Traffic Generation: Another advantage that website duplication has over a freshly made website is that there is minimal requirement of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts which need to be put in for traffic generation. A fresh website would take months of SEO efforts and costs to put your website in the top pages of popular Search Engines. By cloning a website, you will also be able to spend minimal efforts in SEO and in a way you will be driving their traffic to your website as well.

3.       Higher Conversion of Customers due to retention: It is understood that all web developers need to prepare websites which have not only informative and rich content but also one which is visually appealing, easy to load and user friendly to retain the client’s interest. If the website is too complicating or lacks information, the customer loses interest and will end their browsing session which is in a way a loss to the business. With popular websites which are already drawing millions of internet users to various businesses, when cloned there is always that customer retention. This means, your customer will stay on the website and browse just because the look and feel of your website is familiar.

4.        Increase your marketshare: By cloning a website, you will instantaneously be able to increase your marketshare with visibility and ease in Traffic Generation. Enter a market faster than you normally would and save valuable time. Your business will grow faster than normal businesses with lesser time and ease and this will prove to be an advantage over your competitors.

We at Rabbit Clone suggest that our customers do not bother with the various website copier software which is available on the internet. Our in house experts will reverse engineer any website you choose and tweak it according to your business, so don’t waste time with the website copier software and let the professionals get you a website which will truly make your business grow. Learn more at

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Helping you in website maintenance

Today with everything switching to internet, the medium to keep in touch with your customers and partners is through the business website. A company website provides many benefits when it comes to notifying your customers of what your company is actually, what it offers for them, where it is located, and how to get in touch with them about the queries. It plays as a complete solution for business related communication and addressing.

With websites becoming popular and an important facet of business online, website maintenance is the major area of concern for all business owners. Proper website maintenance will provide you better connectivity with all your customers, investors and partners forever. But is such maintenance a trouble on the website owners head? Why a website needs maintenance and how often? Can a website owner get an outsource help? How every website differs and so do their maintenance?

Depending on the type of a business the websites are created integrating all the essential requirements in them. Your website may have promotional items or announcements about current sales and pricing of items offered by the company or details about the certain area of sales. It can also offer communication medium between all the employees working for the company and the details about their offerings. However, all the types and sizes of websites need regular maintenance.

Maintenance is done on the website in order to keep the website content current and in working condition. The website can face many problems it can be unintentionally damaged by incompetent upgrading, Links can be broken or lost, files can be exposed or deleted and no updated data will be present etc. For all such issues a proper maintenance and diagnose will help your website to be healthy and updated. Some websites needs daily updates and some needs periodic, based on the requirement updates should be made and checked for proper workings.

Many companies think that they can save money by engaging their own staff do the requires updating and changes on the website. But this does not leaves efficient results anyhow as the employees are proficient in other field and the saving will definitely cost you lost appearance of the site on the internet. But if the same task if performed by professional website managers they can do much better task, as they do it every day. You can also request free website design advice and Professional website quote from these professional website maintenance companies and solve all your site issues.

There are many things that the Website Maintenance professionals do on a regular basis to ensure that the websites remain useful and functional. The tasks involved are listed below:

·         Content update, announcements, articles, etc.
·         Replace images i.e. Pictures & graphics
·         Adding/removing pages
·         Image manipulation and addition (client supplied images)
·         Newsletter & email list maintenance
·         Shopping cart product updates
·         Website modification and addition of website content
·         Pdf creation and uploading
·         Review Your Statistics
·         Protect Your Visitor's Privacy

However, you can leave all this trouble on the professionals as they will carry out all these updates and changes more efficiently. You will also get free website design advice and professional website quote for the maintenance of your website with them at very affordable rates. They will analyze your website type, size and functions and will customize the price and will send you all the details. You just have to send your website address and all the needed changes and updates you require and how regularly. They will make sure all your work is done and deliver you fully working and updated website. you may visit

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Get inspired or copy an entire website design

Copying a website design from the top most trending websites can be an easy and a convenient solution for many business owners who are looking for website development for their business. But copying the entire website design or duplicating the whole design is not good for the website health. Technically speaking if the website is copied entirely from one of the other existing website it will never be able to reach the first page on any search engine, thus remains at the last where no visitor is ever interested or do any effort to visit. So, your developed website will have a zero existence on the internet.

So what is the best possible way to copy a design yet not be an exact replica?

Copying a website from A to Z is not a good idea for sure, instead one can take inspiration from any of the top website design that in ranked high in the SERP or having good online sales and is very high on profits too. Inspiration will not duplicate your website, instead you can pick all the feature, applications and templates form the already existing website and modify it little and utilize it for your website in a distinct way. Thus it will not be considered as an exact copy by the internet bots.

Customizing the websites designs is the best option for any business owner as it will portray clearly all the requirements, products, services, applications and the entire details about the business offerings. All the web designers sacrifice majority of their time in sorting out the website owner’s requirements, objectives and information to create a well spelled website for their needs. They have to work hard on to make their data a sound medium to communicate with the audience and also the website will b accepted on the World Wide Web if only it is good in functionality, compatibility and accessibility.

Creating a website from the scratch can be the best move, though it takes huge efforts along with high investments and endless time. So a better and a smarter option for this is Website copy software that is available in the market which will simplify the most work of the web designers. Such Software to copy websites comes in many versions and copies the exact replica of whatever website you want to copy. These are very much handy to use and saves much of your website development time and also huge costs in creation from scratch.

One benefit of this Website copy software is that one can customize almost any website design to fit their business needs, also multiple features can be integrated in one single website. For an instance, if any of the web owner wants a copy of any top social media site like ‘Facebook’ OR ‘Twitter’ and also wants to add ecommerce page in with that, then with the help of this Software to copy websites one can integrate both this features into one single website and have the benefit of both connect and profit together. This will help you save much of the time along with saving much of your investments into website development.

However, these endless benefits of copying website designs with such software have come along with both equal pros and cons. So engaging with professional web designers for creating a website design or copying any design is very essential as they will convert all the flaws that will affect your website design. This Software to copy websites though is very beneficial had to handle with professional and skilled personnel’s to get the full benefits for your website. you may visit