Monday, 2 September 2013

Website Cloning – The Concept and Benefits

The world is based on the World Wide Web (www) and it can no more function without it. With this kind of addiction it is better to work towards the betterment and advancement of the technology and make it more and more refined for human use. Now by this, it is indicated that Websites- which form the front end interacting tool with the clients and visitors is the foremost thing that should be worked on.

Its importance can be well felt by individuals and large organizations to mark their online presence and hold a global identity. It is thus viable to look into the making of a website and how things get done. In earlier times, website designing was the only option to get a personalized website for oneself, but today things have evolved in a much smarter way. Website Cloning is the new concept that has completely taken over the market. With the kind of popularity that it has gained over the past years, it has automatically gained attention.

This article talks about the concept of duplicating a website and brings out the major benefits involved in getting a cloning done instead of spending huge amounts on getting a website designed. Cloning – as the name suggests is copying of a website. But this copying is nowhere near to the conventional meaning of copying. Cloning involves a set of scripts which are of older websites that have been running successfully on the web since past many years. That script is used as a backbone framework to clone that website and build a new one on that.

Suppose Mr. X wants a website for an educational institution. He approaches a well established firm to get a cloned website to resolve his purpose. The cloning professionals are experts in this field and usually have good years of experience in the same. They take note of the requirements of the client and choose a suitable script from the available website clone scripts accordingly. The script is laid down in terms of basic computer programming and the additional data, information, graphics and more are designed over it to get a completely brand new looking website. Mr. X gets his website in a new avatar and also saves a lot of money as he would have had to spend in getting a new website developed from scratch. 

This is the reason why cloning concept has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation from the users and looks to go a long way from here as well. It has certain benefits that are listed as below:

1.      One would not have to spend any time in initial groundwork like understanding customer behaviour, developing marketing strategy, market competition, promote the brand message and many others.

2.      By opting to get a cloned website, one actually cut shorts the lengthy process of getting a new website developed and gets the clone in no time.

3.      By copying a website that is already well set on the global stage, one can enhance the web presence in a very short note of time.

4.      It also gives full customization options that can be utilized accordingly to the requirements of the owner of that website to modify them according to his/her needs.

5.      This also ensures an economical way of approaching online business. It involves lesser cost and thereby lesser risk of online failure.

Hence, the overwhelming responses received for this concept speaks for itself and deserves a try. One would surely enjoy the benefits of cloning and enjoy owning a world class website with the help of this revolutionary concept.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Transforming Your Website through Website Cloning

For any business, organization or individual having a website is vital to establish their online presence. Nowadays a majority of business houses focus to sell their products and services to online customers. Therefore they need a website that has the capability to reach out to a huge number of internet users who are their potential customers. Most businesses already have a strong online presence. But there are also websites that are not up to the standards and since there is intense competition these sites end up performing badly. In order to do well, a website must have good features like unique content, good layout and architecture and must be user-friendly.
To create a world-class website you need to make substantial investment and since many people are unwilling or unable in this regard they approach low cost web designing and development companies. The result is low quality and pathetic websites. Quality suffers when cost decreases. There is no point in creating a website if you can’t make it competitive. But there is no need to despair because with website cloning services you can have a good looking website with great features.
How Does It Work
Website duplication doesn’t mean that you actually copy another website that is doing very well. In fact that is illegal too. Website cloning means studying a website in detail and creating another that is similar to it. You can also add your unique features and designs to it if you want. Companies that do duplication of websites, have building blocks through which recreate another website quickly and cost-effectively. They also use software to create common clone sites.
You just have to tell them about the target website that you want to copy and the changes that you would like in your website. For example your target website may focus on social networking while your interest area is environment. Once you have made your decision, you can hand over the project to your chosen company for designing and development. They will give you their proposal with details like cost, time of delivery, specific features and designs etc.
Website Clone Scripts
There are various kinds of website clone scripts through which you create your website modeled on a well known website that is immensely popular. Some of the most sought after clones scripts are Woot, Fiverr, Yoink, Etsy and Groupon. If you are into advertisement particularly services and skills then you can create your site through Fiverr. For daily deals, Woot is quite popular. In case you want merchants to come to your site to list and sell their products and services then you can go for Etsy. There are some people who want to create a website where people can give away things they don’t need anymore and in return they can get free items. If you have such an idea then the Yoink clone is just right for you. And Groupon is for those who offer daily group deals to their list of email subscribers. Daily group deals are actually a single deal which is incredible in the sense that it offers great deals on anything like discount coupons on entertainment, food, products, services and hotels etc. This group deal software is simple, well designed and fully functional and has been hit since it was launched.
Summing Up
With the help of a good web development company you can develop a website that has great visuals and sharp website clones, web/mobile functions and PHP clone scripts. After all to become a winner, your website must have the look and means. Just ensure to hand your project to a company that knows its job well.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Factors to keep in mind while taking website design quotes

Website design quote ideally must be simple, easy to understand and straightforward in nature. This is not always the case as many people do not give the quote to the clients in this manner. When giving the website cloning quote, it is those parts which are not said often takes the most important portion of the quote. Often many companies give the details in such small prints, that the client is bound to miss them. Hence as a result they do not read them when they sign the agreement with the company. this leads to complications in future. There are some factors which you must therefore check before you finalize on the quote of the website. That will help you in the long run.
What is included in the design have to be checked by the client first. The designer will initially send a mock image of the website that he proposes to make for you. This will enable you to understand the design of the website and how it will look once it gets completed. Stating the design will not be an easy task. Rather stating it with the help of graphics will be much easier for the designer. If the design of the website looks cheap and the quote is also low, then one must check quickly for the fact that whether the design will get coded in reality or not. You must check that the designer gives you the code which you need for the website to work in real life. they must not such a website in which you will have to do the coding behind the website to make it work in the future.
The design of the website is a very personal matter for most individuals. You must make sure that you are not offered only a single design for the making of the website. Giving you one design will mean that the designer is not creative and do not want to spend much time on the work that you have given. This is unprofessional behavior. It is ideally good to look for three design concepts before you actually finalize on one of them. Getting the designs done from three separate designers will also enable you to understand what you were missing or getting more from one designer. You must always check for how many designs you get, how many revisions you can make in the cost that you have paid and the time taken for revisions by the graphic designer. These all must be kept in mind so as to ensure that you get the best treatments from the designer of the website.
There are some designers who will give you quotes which will guide you through the entire process of designing the website to publishing it in its full form in the internet. When you will be making the agreement initially, make sure you make a note of these things. Whether they are included in the cost or you will have to pay extra costs for these benefits from the company. You must also ask the designer beforehand who will purchase the domain name, if you have not already bought one for this purpose. Speaking clearly about this first will help to avoid future complications and problems between you and the designer. There are many designers who will include the hosting services for about a year with the initial costs of the website design. This will help you to save money in the initial stages. However this can increase your expenditure as the hosting charges may get increased after your free period is over. 

Therefore these are some factors to keep in mind while taking the quotes for website designs.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Develop a Comprehensive Ecommerce Website to Sell your Products Online

There are multiple ecommerce websites you will see on the internet nowadays which sell plenty of products which people usually buy in stores. However, only some ecommerce websites make it big and are able to make big profits. The only reason they do well is because their websites are highly user friendly and very good looking and pleasing to eye of the visitors. These websites are made by expert ecommerce website developers and are a time consuming job. If you are planning on having an ecommerce business and are about to make a website, consider ecommerce website cloning. This is the best way to have a preeminent website to sell your products. Things you should consider when cloning an ecommerce website are as follows.
Understand the Format
Every ecommerce website format would be according to the products it has to sell. If you are cloning a popular website you should first understand the format it uses. You should know if the format would suit your website and products. If the products are similar then the format of the website can be cloned as it is or you need to ask the website designer to make changes as per your requirement. You can change the placement of items on your website and make it appealing as per your choice. The fonts used, color combinations and other appealing details can be cloned.
The Content
Large ecommerce websites need to update their content on a daily basis as they introduce more and more products online. When you clone a popular website, make sure you are not copying their content. The content should not be plagiarized in any way. You can clone the way they write the product descriptions however the content should be unique for your website.
Easy Interlinking
Every website needs to have a good network of interlinks. This is the means by which visitors can visit one page of the website from another. Similarly in an ecommerce one, visitors are shopping on one page and would want to go to another page quickly, the interlinking helps here. Easy interlinking is what makes popular websites even more user friendly. Clone a website which has smooth working interlinking between its pages.
The Search option
Visitors to any ecommerce website would always want to search for the products they wish to buy. When replicating websites make sure you replicate their search option scripts as well. Any website selling multiple products should always have an effective internal search engine. The search engine should display the exact products asked for and be able to guide the visitor to the respective page where he or she can buy it.
Secure Payment Getaway
When you develop your website make sure the payment gateway should also be as secure as the original website you cloning. This is a critical aspect and people would be sure that their money is going to the right place. A flaw in the payment gateway and your website could be blacklisted for surety reasons. Hence before cloning understand what norms and terms the original website follows to keep its payment path highly secure. The linking of the website payment page and the payment gateway should also be smooth and quick. Any errors there, could lead to disastrous downfall in business profits. Formats of online invoices, the calculations and all payment related pages should be well cloned to make it a pleasing experience for the visitors.
Website cloning is an art and only expert designers and developers should attempt it. Hire the best company to clone your website for you and save time and precious money.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

General types of website available on the World Wide Web

When you dive into the sea of cyber space you’ll find millions of websites today. But what are these actually? A website is generally a collection of web pages, images, videos or other digital resources that are addressed with a common domain name or IP address on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. It is hosted on at least one web server, and is accessible via the Internet or a private Local Area Network (LAN).

Earlier websites were very less in count and they were merely informative in nature. People looking for information, queries or other business related issues can find answers to their questions on these websites. But today, the World Wide Web has evolved and there are developments in the website world too. Let’s below discuss few of the general types of website available on the World Wide Web. They are:

·         Informational Websites:
The informational website is perhaps the simplest of all websites. It allows people to learn about a topic and its uses by displaying the maximum knowledge and information about a particular thing or concept on its web page. Some of the most common Informational websites are Wikipedia and Online Encyclopedia.

·         Personal Websites:
The Personal Website is a web space created by an individual for the purpose of self promotion, or to provide quick information about particular thing or interest. These websites contain content of a personal nature rather than professional stuff like family photos and an online diary. There are numerous Personal Websites available today on the cyberspace to pen down.

·         Photo Sharing Websites:
The Photo Sharing Websites facilitate the upload and display of images for the users on the Internet. These websites provide online ordering of prints (photo finishing), permanent and centralized access to a user's photos and video clips and much more. Some of the most popular Photo Sharing Websites are Flickr, Photoshop, Google's Picasa and Pinterest.

·         Community Building Websites:
Community Building Websites provide a platform for groups and communities of people who want to interact with other people socially or meet people who share their interests. These are the social networking sites that offer a place for people to share their interests, activities, likes, backgrounds, or real-life connections with their friends, family or public. Some of the most popular Community Building Websites are Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, and Orkut etc.

·         Ecommerce Websites:
The Ecommerce Websites offer a web space for buying and selling of product or service on the internet.  It also provides the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions. Some of the most popular Ecommerce Websites are Amazon, EBay, Barnes and Nobles and Walmart etc.
·         Writers / Authors Websites:
Writers / Authors Websites offers a platform for the publishing business for the writers to build a following, a fan base to which future publications can be directly marketed. These sites generally includes a biography, a catalog of published books, references to experts, links to publications on sites, a link to the writer's blog, reviews and comments on the author's publications.

·         Blogging Websites:
Blogging Websites are a discussion or informational sites that are published on the World Wide Web containing discrete entries or posts. These websites may include online diaries, journals, or editorials that provide the recent information about a particular concept or a thing.

·         Mobile Device Websites:
Mobile Device Websites are the standard websites that are made compatible to support the mobile devices. They offer easy access, quick view and complete support to the full website. Almost all the website today has a mobile version available for their standard websites.

In order to create a website or for Copying a Website or to duplicate a Website one must look into these different types of websites available on the cyberspace.