Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Website Cloning: Be Aware of the Mistakes you can Make

Competition is growing at double speed in all product and service based industries. These competitions create the demand to constantly improve and upgrade your ways of means of selling your product or services. This is where the marketing and advertising department of your company needs to be on their toes and keep advertising the products in various ways. The latest trend is website marketing and for that you need a fully functioning and highly appealing website. A website does not get create over night and a lot of programming, content, arranging and designing is involved in the making of the website and this takes time. The easy way and the most cost effective way used nowadays is Website Cloning.

In this process well established and high ranked websites layouts, structures and overall look is clones and this replicating websites process does not need much time. However while doing this many people will go wrong a number of things and if these things are taken care of then there would be no stopping for getting high ranks for your website.

Keep Content Unique
The most integral part of your website is its content. When cloning a website some designers would simply pick up the content of the original website and paste it as it is in your website. This is plagiarism and search engines would black list your website for this. You need to make sure that the content that is put up in your website is completely original and very well written. Good content would ensure that more and more visitors to your website turn into customers.

Check the Original Website Rankings and Relevancy
The website which you are going to clone to create your company website should be relevant enough and should be showing the same kind of products that you are going to display. Check for the rankings of this website and get to know how popular it is on search engines. A low ranking website, if cloned would also give low ranks to your website. A good ranking original website would ensure that your website also gets good rankings.

Website marketing
Some of you may think that just cloning a high ranking website and getting a good looking and functional website for your company is enough. However just cloning a good website does not end the matter. Once your website is ready and has started drawing traffic, you have to make sure to market it online. There are various ways and means to market the website and if the right ways are used, your website will draw a large amount of traffic in a short time span. However those who fail to market their website well would see low traffic figures even after cloning an excellent website.

Image Selection
Images play a major role in the look of your website. Images could include charts, graphs, pictures, pie charts, etc. If the website you are cloning has any of these then it is wise enough not to copy them as it is. You could create a bar graph in your website instead of a pie chart that is seen in the original website. Make sure you are using fresh images and charts and updated ones too when putting them on your website. If statistics are quoted make sure the statistics on the original website are latest. If not refresh your statistics chart before entering on your website.  

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