Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Website Clone: A Perfect Combination of Creativity and Technical Expertise

 There are quite many business owners and website developers who carry out website cloning in a casual manner, involving exact duplication from other websites. But, an exact or duplicate website copy offers them nothing other than the negative publicity and the decreased search engine rankings.

A duplicate website clone is of no use to the web users as well as search engines. The web users look for unique websites that can provide them something extra or over and above that which other websites are offering them. Similarly, the search engines do not value the websites which have a chunk or major portion to the content lifted from other websites. In fact, the search engines do not index such duplicate websites thus affecting the web traffic to it and its page ranking. 

Website cloning is rather an art that demands two things-creativity and technical expertise. One must have the genius to copy a website design and idea in order to create a unique and fresh website clone.
A website cloning expert understands the need to have a unique content for a website. He conceptualizes and develops the website copy that is not only useful for the web users, but also search engines. That is to say, a well-developed website clone is created using keyword rich, crisp, and informative content for enhanced online presence and publicity.

After developing the content, the web developers focus on the appearance of the website. They use the latest web designing templates and design features to make the websites copy look visually appealing and attractive. They ensure that the web users who visit their client’s website stay back and browse through the websites copy. The web designers make the websites copy simple and clean. They avoid using too much design elements as it makes the website copy look congested and confusing. Also, they take care of the functionality of the websites copy.

The website cloning professional ensures that the website is able to sell the products or services right across to the targeted customers, involving minimal research and development. He has access to all the successful websites and Website Clone Scripts, but modifies them to suite the design and marketing goals of their clients.

In addition to creativity, one needs the technical expertise too for website cloning. This is because website cloning is about functionality and programming as well. The website clone must not only be aesthetically appealing, but also easy to use and browse through.

Choose a company that offers expert Website Cloning services. Proficient Cloning Services Company will have a team of skilled web developers, they understand what all is required for a successful site cloning. Right from copying a website to creating fresh website copy and offering advanced web designing and programming services, they provide complete website cloning services. Go for a Cloning Service that lays great emphasis on scalability, functionality, and affordable price.

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